Septic Tank Service Rates

  • $485 Pumping Tank – 900-1200 gal residential system (Note: Commercial systems prices will vary according to the size of the system)
  • $125 InspectionsNOTE: Inspection are only valid the day of Inspection.
  • $50 Finding Tank – This includes obtaining plot map from Lake County Environmental health and locating you system on your property.
  • Exposing the lids to the system: $50 per footNOTE: There are two lids to residential systems.

All services must be paid upon completion of job. No escrow accounts.

Common problems found with septic tanks:

    • Roots in system and leach lines
    • Excess overflow from washing machines
    • County recommends every 5 years to be cleaned out. This may avoid damage to the system.
    • Leaking toilet which can flood leach field
      and cause system to overflow.